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The Bernard Hopkins legacy continues

By Frank Walsh: March 9th, 2013. The boxing media, fans, officials and fighters made their way to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Among them, a 48 year old living legend, Bernard Hopkins. With each fight, he defies what is accepted to be the limits, of what the human body should achieve at his stage of life, in a brutal sport. And most importantly to Hopkins himself, he defies those who doubt him to further his legacy.

Tavoris Cloud promised much heading into this bout. But Hopkins has the ability to make almost any fighter, fight his fight. Some performances have come in below par in recent years, but victories such as against Kelly Pavlik, and Jean Pascal, were among his finest nights work. Entering the championship rounds, it was Hopkins who showed more grit and determination to secure the victory.

Astonishing at 48, the desire and drive Hopkins has to be constantly matched with the best the division has to offer. The old lion defending his territory against younger lions eyeing his status. Hopkins expressed a desire until 50 years of age. I stopped doubting Hopkins after Saturday night. An exception to the rule.

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