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Strategy for Mayweather against Canelo

Mayweather Signing as his motorcade drives away(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) When Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather – pure boxer and greatest fighter of his era gets in the ring against Canelo Alvarez on September 14, 2013, several things need to happen for him to end the night undefeated.

As an older fighter, older people in-general don’t just let things happen like children or younger adults do. These youngsters don’t have experience to get in their way so they just let things happen and respond accordingly in an unencumbered way.

younger adults don’t over think situations because they don’t have the experience behind them to do so like older adults do. In the ring Floyd Mayweather is known as a thinker, a quick thinker at that and adjusts to whatever his opponent is doing to neutralize that tactic, creating advantage for himself…but he mustn’t think too long.

At 22 Canelo is going to let whatever happens – happen, responding with youth and an unencumbered spirit with the 36 year old Mayweather having to adjust to Canelo’s youthful zeal. Canelo will try different things during this fight, but will rely on his bread-and-butter when it comes down to it; his power punching. But in order to launch and land his power punches Canelo will have to get close to Mayweather and risk Mayweather’s counterpunches. Canelo must also cut off the ring and make Mayweather fight a tough hard fight, if his stamina lets him.

For Floyd to end the night 45-0, he must counter with 2 shots instead of one to keep the flat footed Canelo out of sync. Floyd must employ combination punching, throwing 3 or 4 punches in quick bursts. After landing his shots Floyd mustn’t stand in the pocket admiring his work because Canelo has a sneaky youthful quickness to his punching that could land on Floyd’s chin if he doesn’t get out of there. Defense, counter-punching and extraordinary stamina will make the day for Floyd. But Floyd must also bulk up a little and punch with more power than he has against the welterweights he’s been fighting – to keep Canelo honest, and his legs should be stronger and well conditioned. In short, the things that Floyd has done well at `147lbs he must do with more physical strength and force against Canelo who may well be 20lbs heavier than him on fight night, while maintaining his quickness and improving his defense.

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