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Mike Tyson Exclusive Interview: Your Questions Answered

I have been a participating boxing fan, as well as somewhat of a journalist for a little over 15 years now. Being an admirer of the sport long before I started writing, as time went on, I had decided to try and get a little closer and really understand who these fighters were inside and outside of the fight scene. As I was able to successfully get more involved and become a candidate for media passes to various boxing events, my resume of video and phone interviews skyrocketed.

While I was star struck at first, this had faded fast, leaving me with only an emotionless professional approach. This is still generally the case, except when it comes to one name, one former world champion that evokes excitement and exhilaration whenever I am lucky enough to see or talk to the man.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is not just a celebrity, but is a personality; a character that never fails to entertain, keeping the public on the edge of their seats. Whether delivering knockouts or doing interviews, Tyson was always the favorite of the boxing community.

Calling Tyson’s life a rollercoaster would be an understatement. Life flung him into many holes that most would not be lucky enough to dig themselves out of. The recovery from his former self will be an ongoing battle for Tyson, but if you ask me, he is wining thus far.

The abyss was always around the corner waiting to claim Mike from the early age. Nevertheless, after too many life barriers and tragedies to name, Mike Tyson seems to be back on his feet, living life to his possible most.

Not only is he now a dedicated family man, but is triumphant in boxing promotion, performing and acting live on stage, and most importantly he seems content with the direction where his life is heading.

Just about a half a year ago I went to see his one man show, The Undisputed Truth. Tyson proved to be a phenomenal entertainer, and after listening to him tell his story, I felt proud and blessed that Mike Tyson is here now, and is a part of my boxing generation.

Of course mainly everything of what we know, see, and hear, is mostly speculation and someone else’s tale or side of the story. That is exactly why so many people are enthusiastic about his new upcoming internationally wide documentary titled, Being: Mike Tyson.

The documentary is scheduled to air this coming Sunday at 4:30 E.T. on Fox.

This program promises to lift the curtains and expose the audience to the experience of the real Mike Tyson. I believe that this documentary will be the first of its kind about Tyson, delivering authenticity to some of the things that you and I may have heard elsewhere. From what was promised, Tyson will visit places that his fans have only read about or heard from his interviews, in turn revisiting his troubled past. Mike is a complicated character, with layer after layer of drama in his life. He makes for a phenomenal story, and the best part is that this story is still being written.

Why did I mention the documentary before getting to my interview with Tyson? Because as a fan, I feel that I have been exposed to too many lies and unconfirmed accusations about the Tyson of today, molding him into something that he simply never was.

My interview with Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson Interview (Audio)

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