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Mayweather offers fight to Khan if he can beat Broner

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is offering Amir Khan a future chance to fight him if he agrees to fight Adrien Broner on his May 3rd fight card, and if he Khan can actually beat Broner. This another big hoop that Mayweather is asking Khan to jump through in order to get a fight against him, and Khan has no reason to believe that Mayweather will fulfill his promise to give him a fight after he failed to fight him after Khan won his poll on his website Mayweather Promotions. Khan won the poll, but he was left high and dry after Mayweather changed his mind and went with WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana for his next fight.

Khan immediately shot back a reply to Mayweather, saying on his social media site “FM is full of s***. Just like ‘ my next opponent ‘ Poll.”

What’s strange about Khan saying he doesn’t believe Mayweather is that just this past week, Khan said this on his twitter site: “Floyd Mayweather, tell Adrien Broner to fight me on your card and when I beat him, you fight me next!”

It was Khan that was asking Mayweather to agree to fight him if he beat Broner, but now that Mayweather is telling him that he’ll do this, Khan is acting like he doesn’t buy what he’s saying. Does this mean that Khan won’t agree to fight Broner or is this just a public front to hide the happiness that Khan might be feeling after seeing Mayweather offering him a dream fight? Khan can’t afford to walk away from the Broner fight, because what if he’s wrong about his doubts about Mayweather? If Khan walks away from the deal, he may never get the fight against Mayweather. That wouldn’t be a big deal if Khan had a great career in front of him, but he’s already been exposed in losses to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, and he was almost beaten by Julio Diaz. Golden Boy Promotions don’t have a lot of soft touches to put Khan in with in order for him to succeed. The chances are pretty high that if Golden Boy matches Khan against Keith Thurman or even Shawn Porter, Khan will likely lose to both of them. That’s why it’s so important for him to accept Mayweather’s offer, even if he does turn out to be just messing with Khan.

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