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Marquez Offers Pacquiao Fifth Fight In Mexico, Team Pacquiao Rejects It

As some of you have already heard, Juan Manuel Marquez does not mind facing Manny Pacquiao for the fifth time, but on one condition: the fight has to take place in Mexico.

“We offered that to Team Pacquiao and they rejected it. If the Pacquiao team tells me they want to fight in Mexico, yes, I will fight him,” said to the LA Times.

I don’t know about you, but after the result of their last fight, Pacquiao should take the fight wherever it needs to take place. If Marquez wants to host it in Mexico, so be it.

One of the reasons team Pacquiao might not want the fight to take place in Mexico is due to their tax rate of 30%, but I think that’s a small price to pay for a multi millionaire in order to avenge his brutal loss to his long time foe.

To tell you the truth, if what Marquez said is indeed true, I am very confused by Manny’s actions. This is the kind of chance that most fighters don’t get, and in this scenario it’s even more precious.

Of course let’s not forget the amount of money that would be involved in a fight like this. Not only would the fight sell out, but if properly distributed the PPV numbers will go through the roof, putting the previous fight to shame.

I do think that Manny wants the fight, but is not confident enough to agree to it just yet. Maybe after his fight against Rios, Pacquaio will regain his confidence and make the move towards his last blockbuster event.

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