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Marquez: I can’t wait to get Pacquiao in the ring to beat him again

By Bill Phanco: Juan Manuel Marquez is really looking forward to getting Manny Pacquiao back in the ring tonight to beat him for a fourth time, although technically this will be Marquez’s first real win over the Filipino star. Marquez feels he won all three previous fights with Manny and tonight will be just the icing on the cake with him finally getting acknowledged as the winner by the judges.

Marquez said “I can’t wait to get Pacquiao in the ring so I can beat him again.”

Pacquiao doesn’t like the fact that Marquez feels he won those previous fights and he wants to prove to him that he deserved lose them. The only way that Pacquiao can prove that is by upping his game another level because what he’s done in the past has been inadequate. Marquez has always been quick to adjust to whatever Pacquiao does inside the ring.

Tonight will be a tremendous opportunity for Pacquiao to prove that he always the better fighter than Marquez, because if he can win tonight in a decisive manner boxing fans will conclude that Pacquiao was always the better fighter. But the only way that can happen is if Pacquiao can win the fight without controversy. He can’t win and have the decision disputed like in the previous fights with Marquez. Pacquiao has got to win and make it look good.

A knockout would be perfect, but given the fact that Marquez has never been stopped before during his career I think it might be a waste of Pacquiao’s time to hope for that kind of an outcome. Marquez is someone that you’re not going to be able to knockout unless you have legendary power, and Pacquiao isn’t that kind of a puncher.

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