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Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II: Is It a Make It or Break it Fight?

pac#6 - CopyFor Manny Pacquiao, despite his phenomenal popularity and status in the sport of boxing, the road back to the top, will be much harder and longer than for any other currently in the sport.

Winning a fight is a good step forward, but it’s getting the nod from the fans that might take more effort than most assume.

Believe it or not, but I would bet that his knockout loss to Marquez has probably affected Pacquiao in the most minimalistic fashion. Not only did he hold victories against Marquez before he lost, but Dinamita is an established world class champion with unbelievable technical boxing ability and heart.

Losing to Bradley, at the time an unpopular figure, was likely something that team Pacquiao wanted to fix most. Now, according to a FightHype source, Bradley and Pacquiao will face each other yet again.

If this speculation becomes a reality, do you think that beating Bradley would bring Pacquiao back to the place he was at before his detested loss to Timothy?

The boxing community is a very direct one, where fans know not only the fight they want to see, but they are well aware of the degree of significance that every fight has in the sport of boxing.

Where does Pacquiao vs. Bradley II stand? Would you pay the PPV fees to watch it? Would Pacquiao’s status be resurrected if he comes out a winner? Or will Bradley’s rating skyrocket if he pulls out a victory over Pacquiao again?

While I cannot necessarily think of a better opponent for Pacquiao at this time, it just seems like a rematch against Bradley, is not the Pacquiao fight that the boxing community is reaching for.

A Pacquiao vs. Provodnikov bout would not only be more fan friendly, but also thrilling, allowing Pacquiao to display his explosiveness once again.

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