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Manny Pacquiao Responds To Mayweather Jr.: “I’m Glad That He Is Still Thinking Of Me”

pac76After witnessing Floyd Mayweather Jr. make numerous posts poking fun at Manny Pacquiao as well as other possible opponents using his Twitter account, it is no secret that he is trying hard. But what is he trying to do?

While it is not uncommon for competition, whether it’s boxing, basketball, or any other competitive sport, to try and devalue their opponent using various online social tools such as Twitter and Facebook, usually there is a quick and direct response from the other party, offending right back.

In this case, if it was Floyd’s intention to get under Pacquiao’s skin and initiate a verbal back-and-forth, his strategy failed, as a calm Pacquiao responded with light humor and well wishing:

“I’m thanking Floyd Mayweather that he has not forgotten me. I’m glad that he is still thinking of me,” said Pacquiao in a recent interview with the Inquirer.

“Christmas reminds us of God’s greatest love for us. He teaches us to love even our enemies. So, I won’t say anything that would hurt anybody,” continued Pacquiao.

It has been quite a long time since Mayweather Jr. posted any offensive pictures, thus this move is somewhat puzzling. If there isn’t a backbone to it, if it turns out to be an act of boredom or spur of the moment decision, then one could potentially assume that it is Pacquiao who has made his way into Mayweather Jr.’s head and not the other way around.

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