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IBF agrees to give Wladimir Klitschko a profit percentage of 80/20 instead of 75/25 in his next bout

“Wladimir sends his gratitude to IBF, the president Daryl Peoples, as well as everyone else on the board, for their support in changing the division of profits to 80/20. Wladimir will defend his IBF title for the seventeenth time in his next fight, whether it will be against Pulev or Stiverne. For us, it doesn’t matter,” stated Boente, Wladimir’s manager.

Just a few days ago, Boente had stated that Wladimir would much rather hold his next fight against Stiverne rather than Pulev, but it appears as though with the right kind of profit attached to the fight, it is not all that important.

While in most cases Wladimir would get 75% of the earned profits, he was successfully able to push for that extra 5% based on something, and I assume that this is due to the fact that he is the dominating champion, and that the majority of the boxing fans buying and attending the fight are doing it for him. This is all aside from K2 Promotions being partners in all of his bouts.

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