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How many people will order PPV to see Manny Pacquiao chase after Chris Algieri?

While this type of question wouldn’t be a discussion to be had during Pacquiao’s peak years, his choice of opponents as well as his former dominating ring generalship have been on a decline, taking away from the thrill and exhilaration of his fights. In short, the action is simply no longer the same.

Of course Pacquiao is still one of the top fighters in the sport, and underestimating him will land one on the canvas.

But the anticipation of a raw knockout, a nonstop freight train style of offense that Pacquiao used to display, is now missing, making the PPV all about paying for the name, rather than the fireworks.

It is always important to keep in mind that styles make fights, but if we are always to believe that, than Pacquiao vs. Rios should have looked quite different than it did in November of 2013.

Is Algieri a buy? Algieri is not yet a guaranteed success in terms of entertainment value, and their fight could turn out to be a bust for those paying to see it. If this bout is able to accumulate a solid number of PPV buys in United States, I would imagine that either Pacman fans pony up their cash to see their favorite fighter perform, or people are starting to sense the end of the legendary Manny Pacquiao, and want to participate in what is left before he retires.

A win is a win nevertheless, and it is entirely possible that Manny Pacquiao is saving his best for last, which is still a fight to be determined.

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