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Fury pulls out of Ustinov fight: One bizarre week in British boxing!

Who’d be a boxing promoter!

This time last week, fight fans, especially British heavyweight fight fans, were looking forward to the scheduled and quite long since announced return meeting between colourful characters (an understatement) Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora. The fight was given an extra element of spice thanks to Fury’s shenanigans at the London, open to the public, press conference.

Fury was on his A-game when it came to trash talking and being as funny as he was crude. The BBB of C didn’t enjoy what he did, or had to say (especially the latter), but some fans sure did.

Fury, who claims he cannot be out-talked by any opponent, called Chisora all manner of names, squared up to “Del Boy” and his trainer Don Charles, took umbrage when a member of the press had taken some offence at the way big Tyson could not open his mouth without letting loose with foul language, and ultimately got himself bang into trouble with The Board.

The fight, which some say had shifted a disappointing number of tickets, was now a hotter item. Then, after both heavies had worked so hard in camp – Chisora having put in 16-weeks of graft, so as to make sure he was not in poor condition, which he says cost him the first fight with Fury three years ago – Chisora dropped the bombshell Fury said he’d expected all along. Chisora has damaged a hand in his very last day of sparring and, just like that, the fight was off.

Fury was incensed, so much so that he vowed he would never face Chisora again; stating how Chisora the “journeyman” had “blown it.” Still, Fury did still want to fight on July 26th, so as to release the frustration he had begun to suffer when David Haye twice pulled out of a big fight with him last year. A late replace was found in the form of the big, and world-ranked Alexander Ustinov, and fans everywhere commended Tyson and Warren for saving the show.

Fury, again on top form as he sat through yet another press conference, this one confirming Fury-Ustinov, vowed to send Ustinov home “in a body bag” and then get a fight with WBC ruler Bermane Stiverne. Fury even spoke of his belief that there was a “Klitschko conspiracy” at work, one designed to “bump him off,” thus “protecting” heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko from having to defend against him. It was a quite bizarre and entertaining press conference, and already British boxing had been treated to some week. But there was more to come.

Earlier today, in a move nobody could have predicted, Fury himself pulled out of the fight that had been put together to save the postponed (or scrapped forever depending on your view) fight! Fury, his uncle Hughie (his first trainer) seriously ill, was persuaded to withdraw for fear of lack of focus. Of course, fans everywhere hope Hughie pulls though and is fit and well again soon, but some fans cannot help but chuck some insults/insinuations Tyson’s way. After he’d stated that even if he “went blind” he’d find a way to avoid letting people down and fight, Fury now has to listen as fans comment on how his bold words have come back to haunt him.

What does the future hold for Fury? This is the first time he’s pulled out of a fight and therefore he should be cut some slack. But at the same time, maybe Fury should think twice before he accuses his fellow fighters of being “con-men” and or “s*** bags” when and if they are forced to do what he himself has just done and pull out of a bout. Tyson’s career has seen more than its share of delays and letdowns and frustrations. None more so than during this week – one wholly unbelievable and frustrating week for all concerned. Aside from the four fighters (Fury, Chisra, Ustinov and Eddie Chambers, who has Tweeted that he will no longer see action due to Peter Fury not now being able to work his corner), the fans have been the big losers.

Who’d be a boxing promoter? Who’d be a boxing fan!

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