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Canelo Alvarez – Exclusive One-on-One Interview

IMG_4667After the final press conference concluded, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez took the time to partake in brief one-on-one interviews. I had the unique privilege to sit down with the Mexican superstar to get his perspective on the upcoming fight in San Antonio, TX.

Here’s a transcript of the questions and answers that were discussed with Saul Alvarez.

Steve Lopez: “Canelo, how are you feeling with just a few more days left for the fight?”

Saul Alvarez: “I’m ready, I’m ready. I prepared myself very well. Ready for anything. Obviously, we all come with the mentality of winning and that’s what I’m here for.

Steve Lopez: “How are you as far as weight? The weigh-in is tomorrow. How do you feel?”

Saul Alvarez: “Really well. The most I do is 20-30 minutes to lose whatever extra weight I gain from eating. I eat just enough to maintain the weight. Everything is great.”

Steve Lopez: “Is this the toughest opponent you’ve faced in your career?”

Saul Alvarez: “The toughest opponent is always the one that’s coming. Austin Trout is the one that’s next. So, yes, he’s the toughest.”

Steve Lopez: “What would you say is the best weapon Austin Trout has?”

Saul Alvarez: “Well, he’s a southpaw. He’s difficult. That’s his best weapon.”

Steve Lopez: “How will you approach him?”

Saul Alvarez: “When we get in the ring, we will see how we will fight him. Right now, we have a strategy, but everything changes when we get inside the squared circle.”

Steve Lopez: “He defeated your brother. Is this a motivation for you?”

Saul Alvarez: “It’s one of my motivations for me. But, obviously, I have to approach the fight intelligently and focus on him.”

Steve Lopez: “Have you spoken with your brother? Has he given you any advice or tips on how to fight him?”

Saul Alvarez: “Well, we’ve spoken, but not too much as far as advice goes. He knows my capabilities and he had the chance to fight Austin Trout, too. He knows that I have everything to defeat him.”

Steve Lopez: “If you win, would you want to fight on September 14th? With who?”

Saul Alvarez: “No, right now we’re just focused on this fight. There is no other date right now.”

Steve Lopez: “You would love to fight Mayweather?”

Saul Alvarez: “Of course. He’s the best Pound-For-Pound fighter and I would love to. But, like I say, we have this fight first and it’s the only I’m focused on.”

Steve Lopez: “The latest story about the issue in Mexico regarding your brother. Does that bother you with your preparation?”

Saul Alvarez: “It doesn’t disturb me at all. Before my fight, they want to distract me with things that are not true. But, I’m used to it. It’s sort of a thing that has to happen now. I’m relaxed.”

Steve Lopez: “Thank you, Saul.”

Saul Alvarez: “Thank you.”

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