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Briggs stalking Klitschko: Staged Or Real?

by TMZSports: Ex-heavyweight champ Shannon Briggs went toe-to-toe with Wladimir Klitschko in the most insane way — but did it in flip flops — and ended up landing himself in the hospital with an injured foot.

According to Shannon … he saw Wlad eating at a restaurant in Miami, walked up to him and had the balls to start eating food right off his plate! Briggs says Wlad got pissed and poured out a glass of water on him.

Briggs slipped and fell because he was wearing flip flops … he claims, and also because one of Wlad’s boys was rushing him.

Of course Briggs has been hounding Klitschko — earlier this week he interrupted the champ’s training session, repeatedly called him a coward … and tried to taunt him into a fight.

Boxer Shannon Briggs — Fight with Wladimir Klitschko Was Real … ‘He’s a Punk’

Former heavyweight boxing champ Shannon Briggs says his hostile encounter with Wladimir Kitschko this week was 100% REAL … telling TMZ Sports he LOATHES the guy and wants to set up a fight, STAT.

Footage of Briggs crashing Wladimir’s workout in South Florida this week went viral — with Shannon getting right in the Ukranian legend’s face to challenge him to a brawl.

“I went there to fight totally for free … with no gloves,” Briggs says … “He’s a punk.”

So, where does the hostility come from? Briggs says Wladimir dissed him in public a few years ago for no reason — treating Briggs like a nobody outside of a random event.

Now, Briggs says he feels like the only way he can let that go is if he gets the chance to pound Wladimir’s face into a jelly.

“I’m putting pressure on him daily. He’s going to fight me or leave this country. I came back to boxing just to whoop his ass.”

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