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Pacquiao vs. Algieri

What Did We Learn in Macau This Weekend?

Manny Pacquiao’s shutout victory over Chris Algieri in Macau was the most one-sided 12 round affairs we’ve seen in years. Although several of the knockdowns should have been ruled as slips, Pac absolutely dominated his opponent throughout the fight, badly hurting Algieri several times. Does this mean the “old” Pacman is back, or was it all smoke and mirrors? Other than a handsome payday, what can be taken from this experience for team Algieri? What lies ahead for both fighters next year? And how does Pacquiao’s 2014 compare to that of Floyd “Money” Mayweather?

For Chris Algieri, there were indeed positives to take away from his first professional loss. Against Pacquiao he displayed the same heart, resilience and toughness that he showed against Ruslan Provodnikov in June. There was solid footwork for the most part, as well as a few nicely timed right hands that caught Manny as he lunged in. But the inexperience of Algieri and his team was obvious throughout; from coming in heavy on the scales at the weigh in, to the strategy of the fight itself. The game plan of starting with “four first rounds” was all wrong; Algieri averaged just 5 punches landed in those first four rounds. There was no “Plan B”. No adjustments were made. His corner gave the wrong advice between just about every round. On top of all that, the New York native was stripped of his WBO 140 pound title that same day for absolutely no reason (but since when do sanctioning bodies do anything logical, right?) Continue reading

Manny Pacquiao: The Final Chapter

A flicking right jab immediately followed by a thunderous, booming left cross, detonated on the chin of Chris Algieri, sending him crashing to the canvas midway through round nine. Rising unsteadily at the count of nine, or possibly ten seconds, Algieri turned away from the referee in a desperate attempt to conceal his scrambled senses. During the first fifteen seconds after the New Yorker hit the floor it can be argued that he was in no position to continue. Nevertheless, all questions about the Filipino superstar’s dwindling punch power had been silenced. It appeared Manny Pacquiao was back to his best. Continue reading

Manny Pacquiao Scores 6 Knockdowns in a One-sided UD Win Over Chris Algieri

The main event at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort in Macao, China looked like an amicable sparring session. The challenger Chris Algieri climbed the ring with the sole purpose of going the distance at any cost. Pacquiao was the predator in this bout but he did not appear too focused on his foe and fought as if with Mayweather on his mind.

Chris Algieri knew he was way out of his depth although he was two divisions bigger than the champ and reportedly weighed close to the middleweight limit on fight night. His stance was awkward and uncomfortable and he moved as if he was jumping rope in the ring. Apparently he was in great shape because he was able to survive his own footwork and stance for 12 rounds under enormous pressure. He clearly didn’t belong in the same ring with his star opponent and brought a look of amusement to Pacquiao’s face. Continue reading

Pacquiao – Algieri: Roach Was Wrong About One Thing

Freddie Roach, hall of fame trainer, promised a first round knock out. He was wrong about that, but that’s about the only thing he was wrong about. He was right about everything else. He said Chris Algieri doesn’t box, he runs. Check that box correct, as Algieri wore out a pair of shoes running Saturday night at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort, Macao, Macao S.A.R. China. Freddie also promised Manny would easily take Algieri’s jab away from him. Check that off as well. Finally, he said Algieri was in over his head. Put a big check in that box. Continue reading

Pacquiao vs Algieri – Keys to Victory, Four to Explore, Official Prediction!

Tonight, Filipino phenom, Manny Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38KOs) will return to the ring as he squares off against New York native, Chris Algieri (20-0, 8KOs). At age 36 and facing the proverbial ‘westside’ of his sun-setting career, one of the biggest subplots surrounding this showdown sheds light on one major question: How much does Pacquiao have left? There’s no better way to answer that question than to place him in the ring across from a young, talented lion like Algieri. As we prepare for this clash, we now take a look at “Keys to Victory”, “Four to Explore”, and an “Official Prediction”.
Continue reading

How Quickly We Forget

Memories can produce untrustworthy flashes of the past and the memories of sports fans often exist as disjointed strands of pain and joy forcing us to remember and forget merely out of service to our own emotions. Unlike other sports, boxing does not rely upon the same meticulous examination of statistics. It’s not a numbers games the same that way baseball, basketball and football are.

What happens inside the ring is more anecdotal, a bloody story retold over and over again until the memory becomes a fragmented version of its original narrative.

Since and including his fight with Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao has knocked exactly one of his opponents out cold. Each and every other win, save for his clash with Miguel Cotto in 2009, has gone the distance. His beat-down of Antonio Margarito, his one-sided battering of Joshua Clottey, and his fights with Mosley, Rios and Bradley all went 12 rounds. Continue reading

Freddie Roach, Tim Lane Interviews

TIM LANE – It’s been quite a ride for you and Chris since beating Ruslan Provodnikov and becoming a world champion.

What are your feelings headed into Saturday night’s fight?

TIM LANE: Looking forward to this weekend, it’s going to be a great weekend, Chris is in great shape, and yes we are looking forward to bringing that belt back to New York.

Adjusting to time change?

TIM LANE: It’s been great. Chris and I came over here for the world tour and we learned a couple things about what time we were going to fly and what we were going to eat and how we were going to do out workouts and we adjusted perfectly. Continue reading

WBO Announces Pacquiao/Algieri Officials

World Boxing Organization (WBO), by president Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, announced today the officials who will work tomorrow, November 22, in the world title defenses of WBO champions Manny Pacquiao (welterweight) and Vasyl Lomachenko (featherweight), to take place at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort in Macao, China, in a Top Rank presentation. Continue reading

Live Stream: Pacquiao vs. Algieri Live Weigh-In – 7pm ET

Manny Pacquiao believes that Chris Algieri is the most dangerous opponent of his career.

The all-action Filipino has shared the ring with some of the biggest names in world boxing including the likes of Oscar De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto but now faces what he thinks is his trickiest test in the unbeaten Algieri, live on BoxNation this weekend. Continue reading

Has Manny Pacquiao really lost his power and killer instinct?

A trendy topic of conversation in boxing circles lately is whether Manny Pacquiao has retained his power as he has aged and ascended in weight. Some also wonder if his out-of-the-ring commitments to politics, music and basketball have re-shifted his priorities and zapped some of his natural boxing killer instinct. Let’s take a look at the compelling evidence from both sides of the argument in order to get to the heart of the matter before I share my personal opinion.

One glaring fact that stands out is that Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KO) has not scored a knockout win since his TKO victory over Miguel Cotto back in November 2009. That’s an eight-fight, five-year span in which nearly all his fights went the full twelve rounds, the lone exception of course being his December 2012 knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

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