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N’Dam vs. Quillin

Malignaggi vs. Cano, N’Dam vs. Quillin conference call quotes

Kelly Swanson

Okay, thanks so much, everybody, for joining us. And again, here we are in our second back-to-back international media conference call for October 20th world title fight extravaganza, the inaugural night of boxing from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and it will be televised live on Showtime. So we’re going to do similar to what we did yesterday, joining us now is Hassan N’Dam, the WBO Middleweight World Champion; and Peter Quillin, the number one rated WBO Middleweight contender, and then after they’re done we will be joined by Paulie Malignaggi and Pablo Ceasar Cano. And I’m going to turn the call over now to Robert Diaz, who will make the formal comments before we open it up to the fighters. Robert?

Robert Diaz

Thank you very much, Kelly, and thanks to everybody for being on this call. To the four fighters, I thank you for taking the time. October 20th, Brooklyn, after 80 years since their last world title fight it’s back at the Barclays, a brand new stadium. Continue reading