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Molina vs Williams

Molina vs. Williams round by round

by Charles R. Dorner: John Molina Jr. (24-2-0) vs Dannie Williams (25-2-0) Rd 1: Both fighters testing each other out, not doing much work at all in the first minute. Williams lands the quicker shots. Williams appears to have the faster hands of the two, as They both are testing each other out. Molina lands a strong right hand to close out the first. 10-9 Dannie Williams Rd 2: Molina [...]

Molina vs. Williams Weights

John Molina 135lbs Dannie Williams 135 lbs (after second weigh in) Brandon Gonzales 167.8 lbs Don Mouton 164 lbs Archie R Marquez 134 lbs Rynell Griffin 132.8 lbs Brandon Holmes 138.2 lbs Abelardo Esparza 136.8 lbs Joshua Montoya 138.6 lbs Eduardo Dominquez 142.2 Cecilia Renova 107.8 lbs Amber Trujillo 112.4 lbs Alejandro Hernandez 147 lb Michael Gallegos 147 lbs [...]