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Hopkins vs. Cloud

The Pugilist KOrner: Hopkins vs. Cloud

Special 90 minute “Executioner” Edition of “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap”

Blog Talk Radio’s, “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap” is proud to present a special “Bernard Hopkins vs. Tavoris Cloud” edition tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

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Bernard Hopkins vs. Tavoris Cloud Conference Call Transcript

Oscar De La Hoya — We are absolutely thrilled about once again having Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins fighting in a championship fight, which he will be when he faces Tavoris “Thunder” Cloud. It will be a 12 rounder for the IBF Light Heavyweight World Championship.

I’m also happy to announce that we have a very exciting under card from top to bottom. The co-main event will be Keith Thurman vs. Jan Zaveck. That will be a 12 rounder for the WBO Inter-Continental Welterweight Championship. This event is taking place Saturday, March 9th, right around the corner at the beautiful Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. This event is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Don King Productions. We are happy once again to be having a long-lasting relationship with Corona, AT&T, we have Ford on board, and Rocawear, who are the sponsors of this event. Tickets are still available. They are going really fast. This is a very, very exciting event, starting at $25, all the way ringside for $200. Continue reading

Can 48 year old Bernard Hopkins once again make history?

Bernard Hopkinsby Geoffrey Ciani – In the sport of boxing it is not uncommon to see a truly great boxer hang around for too long. This largely stems from the fact that it takes a very special athlete with an unrelenting mindset to excel and become a dominant world champion. Among other things, it takes courage, confidence, determination, and the ability to maintain one’s composure and overcome adversity in the heat of battle. It also requires a great deal of consistency, dedication, and sheer willpower. These are key ingredients in the mental makeup of any elite fighter. Unfortunately, these very same traits that enable standout boxers to regularly succeed at the highest level are also the exact same that can get them into trouble later in their careers when their physical tools have eroded. Remarkable champions throughout boxing history have often suffered this fate, and Roy Jones Junior represents a good recent example.

Bernard Hopkins just turned 48 in January. That is considered old in any professional sport, and by boxing standards it is absolutely ancient. Nevertheless, even at age 48, Bernard Hopkins still remains a formidable force. He is not some old gatekeeper just looking to cash out on his name. He is actually still competing at a championship level and always making strong accounts of himself. Sure, he has suffered some losses, and he has also begun to show his age a bit more with each passing year. But to this day, Bernard Hopkins has still never been dominated inside the squared circle, and for someone who has been campaigning at an elite level since early-on in the first term of former President Bill Clinton—well, that is an absolute marvel! It is simply mindboggling stuff. Continue reading

Bernard Hopkins Philadelphia Media Workout Quotes

hopkins324“Tavoris Cloud is an aggressive young fighter. I heard him at the press conference in New York City. He described himself as the Mike Tyson of this era.

“Ive been on a path that I keep my body on the right track and duck more punches than I take. I can fight until I’m 50 years old.

“The less you get hit, the more you can speak and count your money.

“I am going to be glad and excited to be at Barclays Center. It is the new Mecca of Boxing in New York. It used to be the hood. Now it’s known as ‘Hello Brooklyn.’

“I get a chance to leave my legacy in Brooklyn. Not only am I honored, but I ‘ve earned that. Continue reading

Hopkins vs. Cloud quotes

hop0BERNARD HOPKINS, Three-Time And Two-Division World Champion & Oldest Fighter In History To Win A World Championship

“Age is not an enemy to me. The clock is not something to try to stop. The man upstairs can’t even do that. You can get the daylight to be earlier or the darkness to be later, but the clock has to move forward.

“People will always tell me, ‘You can’t do this. You can’t do that.’ When I hear that, it gives me motivation. I know there are some things in life that are out of reach. Some people are not capable of doing certain things. I have been doing this half of my life. I know what I am capable of. Continue reading

Hopkins vs Cloud on March 9th

hopkins324BROOKLYN (January 15, 2013) – Future Hall of Famer Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins was born 48 years ago today, and in celebration he will continue his record-setting career on Saturday, March 9 by facing undefeated IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion Tavoris “Thunder” Cloud at Barclays Center in Brooklyn in a bout which will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing.

“Today is my 48th birthday and I feel half my age, so Cloud had better be ready” said Hopkins, who will be participating in his 29th world championship fight and if he is victorious will break his own record as the oldest fighter in history to win a world title. “People can say what they want.  I have broken records, quieted doubters and solidified my legacy.  Now, I am going to do all of that again, but this time at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn in front of a large crowd of people that understand and appreciate the sport.”

 “This will be the last supper for Bernard Hopkins,” said Cloud, the 30-year old pugilist who will be making the fifth defense of his IBF Light Heavyweight Title which he has held since in 2009. “I will retain my IBF Light Heavyweight World Title.” Continue reading