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Harrison vs. Price

Price destroys Harrison in 1st round KO; Skelton stops Gospic

By Michael Collins: Unbeaten British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion David Price (14-0, 12 KO’s) not surprisingly destroyed a well past his prime 40-year-old Audley Harrison (28-6, 21 KOs’) in the 1st round tonight at the Echo Arena, Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom. Price hurt Harrison with a straight right hand that didn’t look like it was thrown with a lot of power or speed.

It was more like a jab than anything. However, Harrison had his head turned sideways for some reason and the shot hurt him. Harrison then foolishly backed up to the ropes and just stood there while Price unloaded on him with everything but the kitchen sink. After getting hit with one especially hard right hand, Harrison fell down just as the referee jumped in to stop the slaughter.

After the fight the British media seemed to be making a big fuss out of Price’s victory, pouring the compliments over his head endlessly without thinking about who Price just beat. This was Audley Harrison who had already been exposed by the likes of David Haye and Martin Rogan among many others, and it wasn’t much of a victory. The question is why is a 29-year-old former Olympic bronze medalist like Price still being matched the likes of Harrison? Does Price’s promoter know something about his chin that other fans don’t? If his chin is okay then Price should have been WAY past guys like Harrison years ago. Price is wasting too much time in his career facing fodder opposition instead of quality. Continue reading

Price vs Harrison Press Conference

Frank Maloney: I think this is one of the best heavyweight fights that can be made. I haven’t seen so much excitement around a heavyweight fight since we promoted Lennox Lewis vs. Gary Mason in the 90’s. If you bring the right fighters together and give the public what they want, the fans will come to the fight and the press will turn out, which is great.

Press: Did you think it would have taken you twelve years to win a British title after you turned professional in 2000?

Audley Harrison: Well you know I had a plan, my plan was very radical (Promote & and manage himself). Obviously in an ideal world I would have liked to have fought for the British title beforehand. This wasn’t the case, the British title was tied up with another promoter and so its twelve years on. I have been full circle and I finally get the chance to fight for the British and Commonwealth title in the twilight of my career.

Press: Did your training camp go to plan?

Audley Harrison: Yes definitely. I’m forty years of age, so obviously I cannot do it like I was twenty eight years old again. I have had niggles, but I have pushed through. My last fight before this one I broke down a few times and had to put the fight back, but this time I have really tested myself. Continue reading

Harrison vs Price: Audley’s Brush WIth Boredom

AUDLEY HARRISON faces the biggest challenge of his career on Saturday night when he goes head-to-head with a wall of paint drying live on Facebook.

Research by online betting exchange Betfair has revealed that more than three quarters (78%) of British boxing fans would rather watch paint dry than the heavyweight boxer. With that in mind Betfair will give boxing fans exactly what they want – uninterrupted coverage of a wall of wet magnolia.

If the online video of a wall of paint drying receives more than 10,000 views, Betfair will donate £5,000 to a charity of Audley’s choice. Harrison may have won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2000, but his non-fight with David Haye a decade later in 2010, in which he landed just one punch, has been likened to watching to watching paint dry by lovers of the sport. Continue reading

Audley Harrison: David Price is a tougher opponent than Tyson Fury

AUDLEY HARRISON admits he has “lived a lie” during his career – but insists he will end it on a high this weekend

Since winning a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Harrison (28-5) has often failed to back up his bragging with powerhouse performances that were promised.

He makes his final stand when he challenges British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion David Price (13-0) at Liverpool Echo Arena on Saturday.

Harrison, 40, said: “This is not talk this time. I talk a good fight I know, but I am coming to walk through him and separate myself from the pack.

“I can understand when people don’t believe me, but I talk like how I see it.

“You can’t live a lie when you’re on that starting line and I have lived a lie in the amateurs and professional game. Continue reading

Price sees Harrison as the best fighter he’s ever faced in his career

It’s not only his colossal 6ft 8in, 245lb frame that promises to distinguish David Price as the biggest emerging star in British boxing.

The 29 year old Liverpudlian appears the Brit best equipped to dominate the world heavyweight division since Lennox Lewis.

Unbeaten in 13 pro gigs, with 11 victims crumbling early (10 inside four rounds), the reigning British and Commonwealth king, known as ‘The Power Ranger’, has lately demonstrated a frightening kayo punch to supplement the technical tools that saw him cruise to three ABA titles, a Commonwealth Games gold medal and bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Debuting on BoxNation this Saturday, at a sold out Echo Arena in his home city, the Scouse giant intends to further enhance his standing by hammering the final nail into the ring coffin of maligned 2000 Olympic hero Audley Harrison. Continue reading

Audley Harrison: Deontay Wilder punches like a mule, he could beat David Price

By Michael Collins: Former 2000 super heavyweight Olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison (28-5, 21 KO’s) figures he’s had the best preparation available for his fight next Saturday night on October 13th against British heavyweight champion David Price (13-0, 11 KO’s) at the Echo Arena, in Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom.

Harrison, 40, just spent four weeks with unbeaten former 2008 heavyweight Olympic bronze medalist Deontay Wilder (25-0, 25 KO’s) taking him through some tough sparring sessions and Harrison sees himself ready to take anything that Price can give after surviving those four weeks with the big 6’7″ Wilder.

Harrison told Sky Sports News “I’ve found people that can match David Price and possibly beat David Price. Deontay Wilder. That’s the best sparring I can get for David Price…Deontay Wilder punches like a mule, and he’s fast. And I had four weeks of him, and some days he was catching me with clean shots. I know I’m going to be able to take [Price’s punches].” Continue reading

News: David Price in his final weeks of preparation for Audley Harrison bout; Queensberry Promotions Announce Bumper Liverpool Event

DAVID PRICE has revealed that Audley Harrison was part of his Olympic success story. Price (13-0) makes the first defence of his British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles against ‘A Force’ at Liverpool Echo Arena on Saturday October 13 – the first ever professional clash between two British Olympians.

Harrison (28-5) won a gold medal at Sydney 2000 and Price captured a bronze eight years later in Beijing.

Price, 29, said: “I will never forget Audley calling me before the Beijing Olympics and giving me a boost which was a nice thing to do. Continue reading

Deontay Wilder to spar with Audley Harrison for three weeks

By Michael Collins: Unbeaten heavyweight prospect Deontay Wilder (24-0, 24 KO’s) will be sparring 40-year-old Audley Harrison (28-5, 21 KO’s) for three weeks in California, according to Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas. The 6’7″ Wilder will be used to get Harrison ready for his October 13th fight against 6’8″ David Price (13-0, 11 KO’s).

Wilder and Price are both big hitters, although Wilder seems to be the stronger puncher and has more hand speed as well as explosiveness.

Harrison and Price will be fighting at the Echo Arena, Liverpool, UK. This is a make or break fight for Harrison, as he can’t afford yet another loss in his sagging career.

Price, 29, is taking the slow trip up to the top and has been facing soft opposition since he turned pro three years ago. Sadly, Harrison is actually a step up for Price.

Wilder, 26, will have to take it easy on Harrison because it might end up knocking Harrison out over and over again during sparring sessions and that might not help Harrison any get ready for Price. If Wilder goes all out, Harrison will be lucky to make it out of the 1st round in any sparring session involving the huge hitting Wilder. Continue reading