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The Transnational Boxing Rankings Go Weekly

TBRBLast May, a small cabal of boxing writers discussed an idea that had all the staying power of a cigarette butt under a shoe. The idea was to create a global boxing rankings organization uncompromised by competing interests and hell-bent on restoring sense to a confused sport. The writers found enough common ground to usher the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board into its formative stages.

The first order of business was that it would not be a business at all—no accountant necessary, no belt commissioned, and no percentage of fighters’ purses pinched. The profit motive, that bête noir of all reform, was ditched to help keep it on the up-and-up. Before long, the founding members were dreaming about the golden era while visions of Sugar Ray danced in their heads. Continue reading

Transnational Boxing Rankings December Update!

by Matt McGrain: Another busy month for boxing has seen fewer changes to the Trans Boxing Rankings than November but drama abounded at the top of more than one division, not least lightweight where a new #1 contender was installed. Adrien Broner isn’t to everyone’s taste as a man, but as a fighter he was deemed deserving of the #1 spot after his one-sided domination of former #1 Antonio DeMarco on the 17th of last month.

DeMarco slips to fourth and everyone below him drops a spot with Mercito Gesta’s tenancy of the #10 spot limited to just a month as he makes way for Broner’s sensational entry at #1. With Ricky Burns sticking at #2 the mooted meeting between these two would crown a new Champion at the weight.

Also vacating a #10 spot is Diego Magdaleno at Junior Lightweight, pushed out by a resurgent Yuriorkis Gamboa who is introduced at #7 after his win over Michael Farenas. The other mover below lightweight is Juan Francisco Estrada who debuts at #10 based upon his worthy effort versus Roman Gonzalez.

Above lightweight, the big news was at welterweight and junior –middleweight. At 147lbs. Robert Guerrero overhauls Zaveck, Ortiz and Lopez to gatecrash the top 5 whilst Juan Manuel Marquez batters his way into the #2 spot just as he battered perennial rival Manny Pacquiao to the canvas this past Saturday night. He also replaces Pacquiao as the only fighter that can crown a genuine welterweight Champion in a contest with Floyd Mayweather, although there may be no appetite for that rematch based upon the one-sided drubbing Floyd handed Juan Manuel in their original meeting. Pacquiao drops to #3. Continue reading

East Side Boxing Adopts The Transnational Boxing Rankings

by Matt McGrain: The WBA currently recognises two heavyweight world champions. The WBA “Super” champion (you read that right) is Wladimir Klitschko. For most people, Wladimir is recognised as the best heavyweight on the planet currently. The second best is his brother, Vitlali Klitschko.

Vitali is not ranked amongst the WBA’s top contenders, because Vitali is the world champion for a rival organisation.

Meanwhile, the second champion the WBA recognises is Alexander Povetkin. He is the “World” champion (remember when that meant something?). Povetkin is Wladimir’s most notorious serial-ducker. His own people have not been shy about advertising the theory that Povetkin is not yet ready for Wladimir.

In other words, the WBA’s World champion and “Super” champion are unlikely to meet. The WBA gave Povetkin the shot at Chagaev knowing that this was likely to be the case, and when it indisputably became the case, instead of stripping Povetkin, they lined up Cedric Boswell, Marco Huck and Hasim Rahman for him as “title” defences and continued to merrily collect their sanctioning fees. Rahman, ranked as the #1 contender for Povetkin’s last defence, struggled badly with the arena steps due to shot knees and offered absolutely no resistance in an embarrassing capitulation once he had hauled his once impressive frame through the ropes. Rahman attained his #1 status by beating such luminaries as Galen Brown (2-2 in his last four), Marcus Magee (2-1-0-1 in his last four), Damon Reed (2-2 in his last four) and Shannon Miller (2-1-0-1 in his last four). He hadn’t been scheduled to box twelve rounds since his 2008 destruction at the hands of, you’ve guessed it, “Super” champion Wladimir Klitschko.

Clear? As mud. Continue reading