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Audley Harrison

Deontay Wilder vs Audley Harrison leads cracking Khan-Diaz undercard!

wilder213SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, April 3 – Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (27-0, 27 KO’s) of Tuscaloosa, Alabama will be crossing the Atlantic to take on Harlesden’s 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist Audley ‘A-Force’ Harrison (31-6, 23 KO’s) in the co-featured fight that will headline a thrilling undercard on “The Return of the King: Khan vs. Diaz” bill at Motorpoint Arena Sheffield on Saturday 27 April.

Wilder, a rising star on the American heavyweight scene, has shown his phenomenal punching prowess by blasting his way past all of his opponents. The knockout king now steps into the ring against a respected veteran in Harrison who harbours his own dreams of reaching the top and fulfilling his potential. Continue reading

An extraordinary opportunity for an Extra-Audley-nary fighter

harrison5634The British news over the last few weeks has covered a variety of subjects which the average Briton is most assuredly unrepentant towards. Having long lost faith in their government, bankers and those in positions of power Englishman feel almost hopeless, like a drowning rat in a sewer it once felt safe in. The feeling of tension throughout the busy streets of places such as Oswestry can clearly be witnessed. A once thriving high street is now mostly charity shops or cheap sports stores. Long gone are the local butchers and family run chippies. I didn’t stop there long enough to really check as everyone looked related, slightly drunk and menacing. Nevertheless, I could see the anguish in their eyes, that distant gaze of peoples battered by less than fortunate circumstances (i.e living in Oswestry). This same look was once etched into the face of Audley Harrison, an Olympic Gold medalist whose destiny was surely to become the greatest British Heavyweight of the world. Environments often dictate whom a man will become and the environment Audley Harrison has been subjected to has indeed shaped him. Remarkably though not in the expected negative manner many would have expected, indeed many had even hoped for. Continue reading

Audley Harrison: I have agreed to the terms for Deontay Wilder fight

harrison323Heavyweight Audley Harrison (31-6, 23 KO’s) says he’s agreed to all the terms for his April 27th fight against unbeaten American heavyweight Deontay Wilder (27-0, 27 KO’s) at the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Audley is now ready to sign the contract to get the fight confirmed.

Audley said on his twitter: “My side has agreed all points. Waiting to sign on the dotted line. Here is my logic for accepting this fight. Take the biggest risk, 4 the biggest reward. Lose 2 any1 from this point on it’s over. Here we go.”

It’s a win-win situation for the 41-year-old Audley in taking this fight with the 27-year-old Wilder. Continue reading

Audley Harrison: I have agreed to fight Deontay Wilder

harrison4 Former 2000 Olympic Gold medalist for Britain Audley Harrison (31-6, 23 KO’s) has agreed to face unbeaten American heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder (27-0, 27 KO’s) on April 27th on the Amir Khan vs. Julio Diaz card at the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

The card will be televised by Showtime in the United States, but it’s still unclear whether the Harrison-Wilder fight will make it on the televised portion of the card. You would have to figure it would be because it’ll likely be the co-feature on the card. Continue reading

Audley Harrison stops Rossy, Wins Prizefighter Heavyweights tourney

By Jeff Sorby: Former 2000 Olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison (31-6, 22 KO’s) found the fountain of youth tonight in winning the heavyweight Prizefighter tournament by stopping American Derric Rossy (27-6, 14 KO’s) in the 2nd round at the York Hall, Bethnal Green, in London, United Kingdom.

Harrison stopped Rossy in the 2nd round after drilling him with a left hand that put him down in a delayed reaction. Rossy was also dropped in the 1st round by a left hand from Harrison. Before making it to the finals, Rossy had beaten Ian Lewison and Travis Walker by close three round decisions by landing shots and then smothering them so that they couldn’t get their own shots off. But against Harrison, Rossy was out of his element due to Harrison’s accurate left hand punching.

He wasn’t bothered by Rossy’s head movement, crouching style or his attempts to come forward to clinch and throw punches. Harrison was able to catch Rossy over and over again with lefts when he would try to initiate.

In Harrison’s other two fights in the tourney, he stopped Claus Bertino in the 1st with a hard left hand, and he beat Martin Rogan by a lopsided three round decision. Continue reading

Audley Harrison Statement

Firstly, I want to congratulate David Price and his team on executing his game-plan so effectively.

I said I had prepared very well for this bout and it showed…I was in great shape and went out there with no fear, believing I could win it. I was really in the zone, didn’t get fazed by the crowd, or atmosphere and stay focused on the task. After 8 years, I finally had control of myself again.

My whole game plan was about avoiding his right, so to get lined up like that is a disappointment for me. Father time has caught up with me, as I didn’t see the initial shot, so could not react. He finished me off like a good pro, so I have no complaints. I have a broken nose for my troubles, so I didn’t get away Scott free. Continue reading

Price destroys Harrison in 1st round KO; Skelton stops Gospic

By Michael Collins: Unbeaten British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion David Price (14-0, 12 KO’s) not surprisingly destroyed a well past his prime 40-year-old Audley Harrison (28-6, 21 KOs’) in the 1st round tonight at the Echo Arena, Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom. Price hurt Harrison with a straight right hand that didn’t look like it was thrown with a lot of power or speed.

It was more like a jab than anything. However, Harrison had his head turned sideways for some reason and the shot hurt him. Harrison then foolishly backed up to the ropes and just stood there while Price unloaded on him with everything but the kitchen sink. After getting hit with one especially hard right hand, Harrison fell down just as the referee jumped in to stop the slaughter.

After the fight the British media seemed to be making a big fuss out of Price’s victory, pouring the compliments over his head endlessly without thinking about who Price just beat. This was Audley Harrison who had already been exposed by the likes of David Haye and Martin Rogan among many others, and it wasn’t much of a victory. The question is why is a 29-year-old former Olympic bronze medalist like Price still being matched the likes of Harrison? Does Price’s promoter know something about his chin that other fans don’t? If his chin is okay then Price should have been WAY past guys like Harrison years ago. Price is wasting too much time in his career facing fodder opposition instead of quality. Continue reading

David Price vs. Audley Harrison: Battle of the Olympians

By Peter Wells: What does a Gold medal really mean? How can it be enjoyed when all it brings with it is expectation and pressure? It has taken Audley Harrison 12 years to finally be able to enjoy the feeling of being a Gold medallist. The ridiculous pressure that Audley has faced since winning the Heavyweight Gold medal at the Sydney Games in 2000, have at last been removed from his shoulders and he can look back at his memorable moment with joy, rather than stressing over a future that will never glisten as bright as that medal around his neck. Anthony Joshua has now taken the load from Audley’s 40 year old shoulders as he will now be under the microscope throughout his career after capturing the Heavyweight Gold for Great Britain at this years Olympics.

This means for once all eyes aren’t sternly staring down at Harrison, when he meets the up-and-coming British and Commonwealth Champion, David Price. The giant Liverpudlian is hot property right now, coming off the back of 3 big early knockout victories.

In 2008, David Price tried to replicate what his opponent did 8 years prior, but was stopped in the semi-finals by Italian Roberto Cammeralle. Price did come home from Beijing with a bronze medal, and was quickly swooped up by Frank Maloney. Continue reading

David Price v Audley Harrison weigh-in Video

David Price will make his debut on BoxNation on Saturday 13th October when he takes on 2000 Olympic Champion and former world title challenger Audley Harrison at the Liverpool Echo Arena. In January Price demolished John McDermott inside one round to win the English title and followed that up in May with a devastating fourth round KO of Sam Sexton to claim the British and Commonwealth titles. Continue reading

Price vs Harrison Press Conference

Frank Maloney: I think this is one of the best heavyweight fights that can be made. I haven’t seen so much excitement around a heavyweight fight since we promoted Lennox Lewis vs. Gary Mason in the 90’s. If you bring the right fighters together and give the public what they want, the fans will come to the fight and the press will turn out, which is great.

Press: Did you think it would have taken you twelve years to win a British title after you turned professional in 2000?

Audley Harrison: Well you know I had a plan, my plan was very radical (Promote & and manage himself). Obviously in an ideal world I would have liked to have fought for the British title beforehand. This wasn’t the case, the British title was tied up with another promoter and so its twelve years on. I have been full circle and I finally get the chance to fight for the British and Commonwealth title in the twilight of my career.

Press: Did your training camp go to plan?

Audley Harrison: Yes definitely. I’m forty years of age, so obviously I cannot do it like I was twenty eight years old again. I have had niggles, but I have pushed through. My last fight before this one I broke down a few times and had to put the fight back, but this time I have really tested myself. Continue reading