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Vitali Shaposhnikov

Ariza: “We’re [Mayweather’s] fighting May 2nd but it’s not going to be Manny Pacquiao”

Despite being involved in numerous arguments with camp Pacquiao, more specifically Freddie Roach, that drama doesn’t take away from the fact that Alex Ariza was close with camp Pacquiao, and likely at the time involved in most of their decisions.

Now Ariza is on the opposite team, working for Floyd Mayweather Jr., helping the undefeated superstar with strength and conditioning preparation. There is little doubt that Ariza has some knowledge about the ongoing negotiations between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Continue reading

Pacquiao sends a message to Floyd Mayweather Jr: “Sign the contract!”

While in NYC, Manny Pacquiao was approached by TMZ, and asked if there was anything he could say to Mayweather Jr., what would it be?

“Sign the contract,” replied Pacquiao.

Indeed, if there is a contract to sign, team Mayweather Jr. should listen to the public and finalize the fight that simply has no more room for postponement. While there is still significant interest in the fight, most believe that there is a threshold, and once reached, their bout will no longer bring in as much profit as everyone currently expects.

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Mayweather-Pacquiao – Espinoza: ” If we were running a race we would still have a ways to go”

In an interview with USA Today, Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza has made it clear that while both sides want the fight to happen, finalizing the deal is not yet around the corner.

“We’re making meaningful progress but if we were running a race we would still have a ways to go. Everyone is trying to get to the finish line as soon as possible,” said Espinoza via Continue reading

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Shannon Briggs in Munich, Germany?

In a recent interview with RTL, Wladimir Klitschko’s manager Bernd Boente has stated that the Ukrainian champion has reserved a fight venue is Munich, Germany just in case their negotiations with camp Jennings for April 25th in New York don’t pan out.

Hearing this sort of news a few months back, I would call the bluff. Of all the heavyweight bouts out there, Klitschko vs. Briggs was not fathomable. But as the popular belief of hard work paying off goes, it looks as though Briggs’s efforts are showing results.

In an interview with the same television channel RTL, Wladimir himself declared that he would like to fight another American besides Jennings: Shannon Briggs. Continue reading

Holyfield: “If they want Floyd to win, he’ll win. If they want Manny to win, he’ll win”

Whether its stamina, strength, or experience, the boxing match-ups provide boxing fans with general debatable attributes and abilities for a discussion, and possibly argument in favor of their favorite fighter.

The same goes for the much anticipated Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao scenario.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans are confident that their fighter will come out victorious due to his exceptional ring I.Q., ability to adapt during a bout, and of course his speed and style. Floyd fans argue that being a sharpshooter, Mayweather Jr. does well against opponents that throw high volume of shots, which Pacquiao’s style is all about. Continue reading

Arum: “We’ve agreed to everything. I want this fight to actually happen”

It is entirely possible that if nothing goes outrageously wrong, this might be the last article I write on the topic of Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao without discussing ticket prices and proposed details of the would-be already signed bout.

Bob Arum of Top Rank has stated to Yahoo Sports that Manny Pacquiao has agreed to all of the terms set forth by team Mayweather Jr., and now all that is left is Floyd’s approval.

“I want to get some movement here, with bringing Mayweather to the table so we can go out and get everything signed and get the networks together and get the thing finished,” pleaded Arum to Yahoo Sports. Continue reading

Robert Garcia picks Mayweather Jr., but skeptical on fight happening

Despite the fact that the rumors of a Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao fight being signed by the end of the month are at their highest, Robert Garcia believes that the fight is not going to come to fruition.

“I don’t see that happening. There’s too much pride between both camps, promoters, TV networks. Mayweather wants the bigger chink and I think well-deserved. I just don’t see it happening,” stated Garcia in a recent interview with Hustle Boss. Continue reading

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr.: Start saving your pennies?

It’s close, very close. According to various recent reports, the fight venue as well as the drug testing issue has been ironed out and agreed upon. As always, the last and most important piece is the finances, which is likely the only thing keeping the signatures off the contract for now.

The fight, if comes to fruition, will take place at MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The possible date has not yet been declared, but if not the most likely and Floyd’s favorite month of May, I would strongly assume that June would be the month to host the biggest boxing match in recent history. Continue reading

Koncz: “We’re giving this [Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations] until the end of the month”

History has proven, that negotiations between team Mayweather Jr. and team Pacquiao mean very little. After numerous attempts, the result has always yielded zero progress.

This time around, Mayweather Jr. called out Pacquiao in the most direct fashion thus far, by naming the date he is willing to fight. After a consistent back-and-forth between the two fighters via various social media outlets, according to Bob Arum the negotiations are slowly moving forward.

Still, it seems as though team Pacquiao is not willing to play this game for too long, wasting time and losing an opportunity to secure another big fight if need be. Continue reading

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings a no-go?

It was assumed by many, that Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings was a solid go for April 25, 2015, at the Barclays Center in New York.

Alas this happens to be far from fact. According to Berndt Boente, Wladimir’s manager, their negotiations with team Jennings have hit a wall, and team Kliltschko is still looking for an opponent. Continue reading