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Reni M. Valenzuela

Pac And Floyd Versus Love For The Sport (Part VI)

Haven’t you caught the trick yet? What is news about Arum saying “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao” is possible in 2015 when he swears similar stuff year after year but cooks a different bout every time? Patronize the Algieri and Maidana fights versus the cash cows and you make it literally impossible for the sport and yourself to produce the Mega Bout and cure boxing. Smoking is dangerous to [...]

Three Winners In One Fight: Porter vs. Brook

Englishman Kell Brook narrowly defeated American Shawn Porter in the judges’ score cards to grab the latter’s IBF Welterweight belt, yet the loser seem to have emerged the better winner as boxing won too. No knockout, though it was a good fight in the sense that they are good fighters who were evenly matched for a good real show. There were some episodes of disappointments during the bout, but [...]

Revival of Boxing – What media can do (Part V)

While you stumble and fall, what makes others stand? Boxing is at a critical crossroad, yet again. But would you stay ill rather than get healed? What’s healthy about buying “shows” that worsen the sport’s condition if there’s a Fight in limbo to solve its lingering problems? Who but the jerks would contradict what they already know is the cure that would cure themselves? Some call this [...]

Good News! Pac And Floyd Retiring From Boxing (Part IV)

What’s the fuss? Pacquiao and Mayweather will “soon” hang up their gloves and it’s nothing new, but good news anyhow because retirement seems to be the only good they can do for the sport of boxing except when they fight each other. Alas, jerks don’t see it. The only meaningful announcement from both camps that is worth the attention of the fans and people would be the retirement of [...]

Media, Pac-Floyd And The Healing Of Boxing (Part II)

Here’s the score. Media should not care about any fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao if it is not a fight against each other. How scribes and media will respond to scoops or official announcements that would come from Mayweather and Pacquiao will tell whether or not boxing is on its way to healing. Good if the item pertains to both camps exerting efforts to make the Super Fight [...]

Media’s Role In Healing The Sport Of Boxing (Part I)

What’s wrong with boxing? Nay, what’s wrong with media? Where in the world can we find a sport in which money is the main thing, the overriding issue? Can anybody tell of a sport wherein it judges itself to be well or sick by the money that goes into the pockets of brats and into the wallets of crocs? How do we categorize a game of “competition” if the contestants and promoters can freely [...]

Arum Beats Pacquiao As Pac Routs Floyd Without A Punch

People have to establish whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a sportsman or a mere businessman in the Sweet Science. This we need to do in light of boxing as, first and foremost, a sport before it is business. Though, for Bob it’s undoubtedly pure business. Can boxing be considered a sport today if put on scale? Like it or not, boxing must ever struggle to stand as a sport, or else we nullify history [...]

PPV scenario for Pac and Floyd if ‘Super Fight’ won’t happen

Why a fifth bout between Pacquiao and Marquez is all of a sudden being raised as though it needs to happen tomorrow? What does Dinamita’s win yesterday mean to boxing? Why any fights that will be lined up for Pac and Floyd at this time versus different foes, however appealing they may seem, would be unwise and PPV wrecks unless they face each other first? Juan Manuel Marquez has just dominated [...]

Pac and Floyd’s latest PPV: Handwriting on the wall

The pay-per-view sales are down for the shows far below projections. HBO and Showtime live cable viewing for both fights didn’t do well in numbers based on the announced approximation by the producers or accurate/padded figures they are reluctant to divulge. Brats and crocs aren’t ecstatic about the grim facts that have come in. Had the people been remiss in doing their part and had majority [...]

Muhammad Ali wants Mayweather to fight Pacquiao

Much of boxing made a mistake underestimating the capability of the underdog champion to beat a pound-for-pound god. Floyd Mayweather Jr. must have realized he committed an equally big mistake handpicking the Argentine assault guru, Marcos Maidana. Heavy favorite Mayweather lost yesterday many times over and in ways more than one even though the bias opinions didn’t reflect the judgment and cards [...]

Why Floyd Mayweather isn’t fighting the boxers we want him to fight

He’s at ease dodging competition for the basic reason that, whoever he handpicks as an opponent, there are those who pay to watch his fights enough to make him richer every time, by several millions of U.S. dollars. Thus, Floyd Mayweather Jr. may retire without fighting Manny Pacquiao or any prime boxer in Floyd’s level who has a potential to beat him. Thus, he doesn’t feel obliged to compete [...]

The Half-SOLVED “Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao”

When a boxer or athlete runs out of gas during a competition, it’s almost always like reaching the point of surrender for the same boxer or athlete (not the “apostates”). Stamina is crucial in athletics, and in life. But stamina springs forth from the inner soul (for those who have souls), aside from muscles and cardiovascular. An on-going fight in boxing today requires endurance wherein [...]