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It’s Me, Ernie

Losing to a light heavyweight roided out doper is nothing to be ashamed of. Andy still has a chance at a successful career…

Posted February 6, 2013 12:50 pm 


even after returning to these shores, he is doing the same thing he did in the states, beating a whole lot of bums then talking his way into a title fight. Lee will never fight none of the fighters mentioned here.

Posted February 5, 2013 3:15 pm 


Lee was fighting in Europe a while ago and was winning; he probably should’ve stayed there. He may have another 2-3 years before he peaks. There are plenty of good opponents for him over the pond including: Mackllin, Barker, Pirog, Proksa, Sturm etc. Andy might still be able to win an EU or alphabet title. Best of luck to him.

Posted February 4, 2013 9:18 pm 


Lee seems to be working with his new trainer on some of his weakness that was shown in previous fights.Some strong showings and a few good fights he could be back strong.Fitzgerald is a solid fighter that could work Lee and see some of his improvements and if there indeed have been improvements…

Posted February 4, 2013 5:57 pm 

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Andy Lee Primed for Belfast Comeback Fight

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