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this should be a entertaing fight right here angelo santana is a strong heavy handed fighter with a power left hand and pretty good right hook as welll and garcia is a tough fighter with alot of heart and good chin if garcia can take santana power he got a chance garcia got to get in close on the inside and go to santana body but santana is such heavy handed idk if garcia can take his shots for to long santana need to work on going to the body more he go for the face all the time he need to mix up his attack i think santana will win by 7th round knockout but i wont count out garcia tho he got alot of heart and will so it should be a exciting fight to watch

Posted November 15, 2012 1:16 pm 

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Angelo Santana vs. Johnny Garcia Moves to Main Event In ShoBox: The New Generation Doubleheader

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