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assets.if he is not going to make a deal with golden boy and get his foot into Barclays center then he should hit the road and go to Vegas and get on some big undercards. It’s a shame he isnt on the undercard of cotto at the garden or Judah v Garcia at Barclays. I hope he keeps his promo outfit but has his family run it while he signs on with a different promotors like Gbp .he might just keep doing what he is doing go 25-0 against clowns then step up and get blown out ala khan vs salida.

Posted October 28, 2012 9:41 am 


Ali business strategy is not working with his boxing career . He is very talented volumn puncher with a terrific amateur background. Ali and his fam promote themselves which has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Advantages = being own boss,maximizes % of profit,opportunity to build fan base at local level.the problem is they are the boss and have picked nothing but bums and tomatoe cans as opponants nd most fans don’t like to see overmatched blowouts where it’s over and done right away with the can never even trying. It actually limits the fan base and leaves abad taste for some people.most of these shows are held at aviator which is not near NYC manhattan penn station. Ali’s fans will always go to aviator but not a lot of new fans will go to aviator as they would NYC not sure having a great share of the profit of this card is worth having that control. Live gate,plus $29 ppv doesn’t seem like much cash after renting venue, insurance, taxes, paying fighters purses, unexpected expenses ect. Besides turning fans off, fighting bums is a very bad investment for the kids development as a fighter. Fighting a bum once and a while is fine but not all bums all the time. The kid needs better match making. The kid needs to see different style against guys that will push him without overwhelming him all the while highlighting his

Posted October 28, 2012 9:39 am 

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Sadam Ali annihilates Ronnie Warrior Jr.

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