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Tumbo says…, “I would’ve personally bumrushed Nazim Richardson right out of Margarito’s dressing room when he showed-up unannounced to play headgames with my fighter.” … That would have led to a physical confrontation which would have landed you in the slammer PRONTO… You CAN have people from your team watching your opponent get his hands wrapped. They CAN inspect his wraps, and CAN inspect his gloves inside and out…the commissioners allow that, particularly when you’re worried about a known cheat.. No head games.. Just carefully watching a bastardly character who has a global reputation for being a cheater and who’s know far and wide as “MargaCheato.”

Posted October 30, 2012 3:54 pm 

te tumbo

one thing Garcia needs to improve on is defending his own fighters, e.g., i would’ve personally bumrushed “McGilla” Richardson right out of Margarito’s dressing room when he showed-up unannounced to play headgames with my fighter. when it’s convenient, Boxing is “life and death”. when it isn’t, Nazim sees fit to intrude on a completely unaffiliated fighter’s dressing room for the sole purpose of disrupting his concentration right before another “life and death” contes? just for kicks!? F’k Nazim.

Posted October 30, 2012 3:01 pm 

Kid Blast

What Garcia did with Maidana was make him over. That’s a very difficult and rare thing to do. Garcia is the best young trainer in the world.

Posted October 30, 2012 9:57 am 


Actually, Abregu is better than many of you realize. Look at it this way: Abregu lost to Bradley. So did Pacquiao.

Posted October 30, 2012 9:56 am 

The Mad Scientist

WTF???!- porque cantando se alegra el cielito lindo los corazones..Lol!

Posted October 30, 2012 3:57 am 

The Mad Scientist

Have you notice how WTFoolio doesn’t even make to much of an attempt to invest his emotions on pumping up these young rican fighters like he once did (especially with all kinds of mean sharks swimming all around them)..I guess he got tired of being let down and having his heart broken time and time again..he rather waste countless time and energy hating on mexican fighters wich is the only reason he watches the sport today..its all good but you know what, weather you love us or hate us you respect us and watch us..

Posted October 30, 2012 3:55 am 


The Facts…. “TARK,Nobody’s catapulting anybody just giving credit were it’s due & earned.” … Did I say “It was a great stoppage win for Abregu.” … Of course I did. He did a tremendous job. It doesn’t quite put him in the mix at 147. Maybe a fight with MIke Jones.

Posted October 29, 2012 11:01 pm 

The Mad Scientist

Btw, where is WTFoolio at..? It’s Monday, I was expecting him to flood the message board justifying Dulorme’s loss and further bash Canelo and Chavez Jr…oh well, poor guy probably needed a break to reinvent himself..

Posted October 29, 2012 10:39 pm 

te tumbo

Btw, against another opponent? Dulorme might’ve shined as scheduled. in fact, it’s comforting to know that Abregu was under no obligation to avoid pounding out the “W”. nobody counted on his ferocity and durability or Dulorme’s sensitive chin.

Posted October 29, 2012 9:33 pm 

te tumbo

Dulorme can attempt to improve his fight-game but no defense is punch-proof. even Floyd catching a solid shot isn’t uncommon but Mayweather has responded with fierce resilience to every test. Dulorme exposed a sensitive chin and no amount of heart or ferocity can compensate for that. minus track-stopping power, he’ll be at a glaring disadvantage for every test v. his strongest opponents.

Posted October 29, 2012 9:26 pm 


TARK,Nobody’s catapulting anybody just giving credit were it’s due & earned.

Posted October 29, 2012 8:05 pm 


Dulorme is Dulorme he’s no Trinidad. No shame in that. Tito was great. Trinidad was about his age when he won the belt and beat a good established champion in Blocker. No doubt Tito got tested and dropped by Cortes,Campas,Carr,Vargas etc but He he had the skills and power to deal with it. No shame losing to Abregu who seems like a class act and a good fighter. Congrats to him and Argentina for a good win. This comes from a PR and not all of us are bitter people like they make us out to be at times. The little island is always in the mix and this isn’t the end. I would rather a million times a fighter get tested to see if he has the goods than protected. One thing people can’t say just like mexicans win or lose Ricans will face anyone.

Posted October 29, 2012 6:01 pm 


Abregu is not the greatest fighter in the world, but he is solid. It’s like throwing the kid in with a Joshual Clottey…you can beat him, but you’re gonna have to earn it. HBO seemed to show no respect for Abregu. I credit the kid for stepping up and fighting him. I just fear that the only way HBO let this fight happen was out of their own lack of homework. I think they were hoping for a blow-out in the other direction. Abregu can be hit. He’s wild sometimes and has been nearly knocked out before. But, I like watching this guy because he is going to give the fans what they want.

Posted October 29, 2012 5:10 pm 


I think the HBO commentators should watch Showtime boxing from time to time. Abregu was KOing people on that for some time. He only lost to a guy who uses a ton of movement (Bradley). I had to watch this fight because I thought if this guy beats Abregu at this stage it would be quite impressive. He looked good, but definitely not good enough to be in the ring with a guy like Abregu. Do your homework HBO.

Posted October 29, 2012 4:41 pm 

te tumbo

i was mildly shocked by Maidana’s use of a jab to regain the initiative in what seemed like a losing effort v. Soto-Karass. a vivid example of what Roach has NEVER been able to accomplish with a single one of his charges, i.e., teach them how to box. Maidana’s transformation from crude slugger to “calculating boxer” would’ve been comical if it hadn’t of been so effective. it enabled Maidana to create openings that he was able to exploit with raw slugging prowess. it was a pretty dramatic example of a trainer adding a new wrinkle to an established and presumably limited fighter’s toolbox.

Posted October 29, 2012 4:37 pm 


Abregu actually had Bradley hurt at the end of their Fight but he hid it too WELL for the NON GREAT eye to SEE. I SAW it though. Bradley was in trouble…..Nothing against YOU Bradley but I must tell the TRUTH.

Posted October 29, 2012 2:32 pm 

Kid Blast

The latest fighters from Argentina are hype busters; they are the Real McCoy. Luis Carlos Abregu (34-1, 30 KOs) now joins Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, rugged Lucas Matthysse, and powerful Marcos “El Chino” Maidana to form as rugged a quartet as there is in boxing. Unbeaten records do not faze them, nor does the hype of fighting a Zab Judah in Brooklyn. Abregu’s stoppage of Thomas Dulorme is just the latest in a series of stunning wins by these tough hombres. The only strange thing is that he didn’t do it in September.

Maidana’s stoppage of the very difficult-to-stop Jesus Soto Karass in September was matched by Matthysse’s crunching September win over unbeaten Nigerian Ajose Olusegun (30-0 coming in). Lucas’ two “defeats” were gift wins for Devon Alexander and the aforementioned Judah. Now that Matthysse is the interim WBC light welterweight titleholder, such bile-inducing robberies should no longer be tolerated. Maravilla’s stunning win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on September 15 was further affirmation of Argentina’s presence on the boxing landscape. September seemed to be a charmed month.

“El Hurican”

Now 37-1-2, the highly skilled Argentinean Omar Andres Narvaez has done well fighting both inside and outside of Argentina. Amazingly, “El Hurican” retained his WBO flyweight crown for the 16th consecutive time by beating Rayonta Whitfield in 2009. In 2011, Omar lost in an attempt for the super bantamweight title against Nonito Donaire in New York City but has since won two straight defending the WBO super flyweight belt he won from Everth Briceno in 2010. Narvaez is another fine Argentinean pugilist who fights somewhat under the radar, but that could change soon. In fact, he could become a member of the “Fearsome Foursome “making it a “Killer Quintet.”

Posted October 29, 2012 1:04 pm 


Mad scientist… It’s not just a matter of mental makeup. Having superb all-around skills doesn’t mean a boxer doesn’t have to train hard and fight with resolute determination—but if he didn’t have skills he would not win. Not at the highest level. Dulorme lacks defensive skills. There were times in Boxing History when guys like Graziano landed a wild shot with one eye swollen shut—but in his other fights with Zale he got KTFO. Leaky defenses are exciting for the fans, but no one’s more dejected than a trounced fighter. If he doesn’t want to feel this bad again Dulorme has to refine his defense.

Posted October 29, 2012 12:59 pm 


Beating a kid with 16 fights doesn’t catapult you back into the mix.

Posted October 29, 2012 12:57 pm 


Abregu had that kids eyes rolling in his head, it was a solid victory! I have no idea what his true upside is but that was a solid performance getting Dulorme outta there in style…I see no need for a Bradley rematch because frankly Abregu brings NOTHING to the table and he already lost to Tim at 147 by a clear margin and was hurt a couple times by Bradley who is a light puncher…

Posted October 29, 2012 12:20 pm 


Meant injured,but it is what it is what it is that’s boxing.

Posted October 29, 2012 4:13 am 


Abregu’s not on his other fellow countrymen level,yet but he’s solid.There’s plenty of room for improvement though.Won’t make excuse for braldey fight or loss.Abregu was hurt but continued to fight back like a warrior win or lose.Would like to see that rematch in near future.

Posted October 29, 2012 4:11 am 

The Mad Scientist

This new format for posting comments really sucks!..sick and tired of having to write my comments 2 or 3 time before they even get submitted if they ever get posted..

Posted October 29, 2012 12:17 am 


“lost every round besides the two he got the KD’s.” That’s not what I saw. Abregu had Dulorme sussed by the 4th round. Nice win by Abregu.

Posted October 28, 2012 11:47 pm 


Anonymous…. You heard me right.. Dulorme wasn’t destroyed.. Maybe he would have been destroyed if his corner hadn’t pulled him out.. Smart stoppage.. Like I said, Dulorme has a good stance, good feet, and good offense — but much like Amir Khan has no defense, little evasive head movement, and no clinching skills.. If he makes his weaknesses his strengths he’ll be back and win a title or two — but that’s always a tall order so the odds are against him.

Posted October 28, 2012 8:39 pm 


To all Argentinas this is what you will hear when you beat a PR in boxing. Nothing but hate from these sore losers. After fight when Chavez Jr and Martinez fought we celebrated together Mexicos independence day.

Posted October 28, 2012 8:02 pm 

te tumbo

“WTF?!?” has been wrong about EVERYthing but he’s finally right about one thing: Dulorme is 110% “Boricua” (lol). he wouldn’t be spiraling into another one of his notorious meltdowns if Dulorme wasn’t . . . :twisted:

Posted October 28, 2012 6:27 pm 


Hard to fill shoes of the legendary Felix “Tito” Trinidad. The day Trinidad is surpassed by a fellow Boricua might not come. Dulorme was given a ton of hype, and obviously, it was not warranted.

Posted October 28, 2012 6:14 pm 

The Mad Scientist

WTF???!- are you sour-graping it again dude..the way you constantly act when mex or rican fighters win or lose leads me to believe you’re in desperate need of boxers you can identify with to root for..mexican fighters are gold-standard in the sport of boxing and even they have to beat on their own most times to make a name for themselves but I wouldn’t expect for you to act like you know..face it, rican fighters are in a slump right now and Argentina is quickly becoming Mexico’s biggest rival in the sport.

Posted October 28, 2012 5:14 pm 


I acctually like vasquez, I think he is a bit of a crazyy man. There’s plenty of great to to toe punchers in boxing today but vasquez weird style although a bit hard to get used to underneath is full of skill. I was a fan o his ever since he dominated and almost nkocked out presscot who I’m sure you remember knocked kan out and gave mike alvarado all he could handle. He also dominated lenny zappavignna when the youngster was being tauted as the next big star. From a 140 down the guy has only lost to tim bradley. Next he will be facing mercito gesta. What’s wrong with a guy who moves around well, albeit akwardly and out boxes his apponents. Sure, he’s no willie pep yet but come on guys give the guy a shot.

Posted October 28, 2012 5:08 pm 


Funny thing is you had our board Mexicans for months claiming Dulorme was not Puerto Rican and that he was really a Dominican blah blah blah when they believed he would be the next great thing, now he loses and of course he’s now Puerto Rican??? What fkn Buffoons…but that’s ok to us he’s Puerto Rican and will surely mature into another Puerto Rican fighter that will kick alot of Mexican Culito.. :smile:

Posted October 28, 2012 3:34 pm 


What fighter on Canelos Bogus padded record was as dangerous as Abregu??? please tell us all we’d like to know… :lol:

Posted October 28, 2012 3:27 pm 


So Mexicvans haven’t been padding tghe records of their hyped fighters like Chavez Cheato Jr. or Primadonna Canelo? both have over 40+ fights and 80% of those were from Cantina Bar fights… Oh, Lord.. what imbeciles…

Posted October 28, 2012 3:26 pm 


Like the Mexicans gave Sergio Martinez Credit when he exposed all hype Cheater Chavez Jr… LOL.. Yeah, they didn’t make excuses for Chicken Jr’s loss to ARgentinian Martinez??? ROFLMAO… Mexicans are absolutely the biggest Sore losers on the Planet and everyone knows it…

Posted October 28, 2012 3:24 pm 


JuanMa kicked a lot of Mexican Culito like Luveano tht he left KO’d slumped on the ropes like Morales.. until he lost to steriods abuser Salido which JuahMa also put on his ASS… LOL

Posted October 28, 2012 3:22 pm 


Heres what I don’t understand about PR fans. When Garcia beat Morales you PR didn’t want to hear no excuses. but when you guys lose you have every excuse in the world, ..ohh he was on PEDS, or the ref has a gambling problem or my wife didn’t cook me fish, you guys are sore losers. Argentina has my respect for producing good boxers.

Posted October 28, 2012 2:53 pm 


Te Tumbo- It’s hard to argue with facts. The kid definitely got rocked last night and it’s not very encouraging the way his eyes went blank in that first knock down and afterwards. But it wouldn’t be unheard of for a guy to get KO’d and go on to have a good career. Even Joe Louis got blasted by Schmelling and he did alright after that (he also couldn’t get away from that right hand, if you remember). But, if this is how it is, he’ll always have a place in my heart for coming in to “Preciosa”. Te queremos Boricua.

Posted October 28, 2012 2:42 pm 


MEX: only half of your statement is true. Dulorme’s team may have stupidly tried to build up his resume — fair enough. However, it’s 100% completely fair to say that Dulorme himself was way too green for Abregu who himself should have had opposition equal to or nearly as equal to Bradley.

Posted October 28, 2012 2:31 pm 

M. Mendoza

What about the Mexican boxers who lose by TKO or are outboxed practically to oblivion?? Oh, let me not forget — the Mexican fans have amnesia and can only hate on PR boxers. Abregu is a great boxer who had an easy’s night’s work having double the TKO record and experience against a very green Dulorme who was not Over-Rated or Exposed. I see an overarching blueprint for our PR boxers — they have spectacular aggression devoid of defense and are missing a lot of the basic fundamentals. This abysmal lack is something that keeps coming up over and over again. Unfortunately, PR has nobody to address this at the world-level trainer. What makes PR boxers so fearless and courageous is that they go out there with the very best offense naiively hoping for the victory. It remains to be seen what Garcia has to offer as he steps up level of opposition — hopefully, Garcia’s crazy but well-meaning father will not get greedy and instead match him up and train him carefully just like Canelo has been carefully matched up and trained every step of the way by his team.

Posted October 28, 2012 2:22 pm 


Dulorme has no chance in boxing. His chin is weaker than Khans . everytime he got hit his eyes rolled back like the Undertaker on WWE..

Posted October 28, 2012 1:46 pm 


Much props to Argentina boxers. They tried to build up Delormes resume and it back fired…LOL..he got exposed and has Juan ma syndrome..baeeeewwwweeeeee

Posted October 28, 2012 1:30 pm 


Just to Clarify.. we Puerto Ricans wish Abregu all the success in the world just like we wish Sergio Martinez and Matyssee the same… No hate here because of a loss…

Posted October 28, 2012 1:23 pm 


The Kid is only 22 years old and look at the level of opponent he took on.. A very tough Veteran with one loss vs Bradley… Hardly the cream puffs they fed Canelo and Chavez Chicken jr throughout their career… There wasn’t no one sided beat down like we saw vs Chicken Jr. who out weighed his opponent by 20+lbs.. He landed some good shots on Abregu and when he switched to south Paw he actually confused abregu and was even more successful. This is how Puerto Ricans develop their fighters we put them in there early on against top dangerous opponents not bums, shot or smaller fighters… He lost but was on his feet and knew what was going on at the stoppage and as Abregu said, “he’s still very young and has a long time to develop no doubt he will be a great champion one day.. ” Delorme will regroup and work on his defense and inside fighting which was not too good against Abregu.. Classy words by Abregu and we Puerto Ricans wish him great success.. because that’s how we are… Top Sportsman’s.. No Sore losers here… Like Sore Loser Erik Morales…

Posted October 28, 2012 1:21 pm 

te tumbo

Btw, since when does moving forward, landing more punches in every category, and scoring three KDs not(!?) constitute effective aggression? style-points aside, Abregu was winning the fight throughout. in fact, Dulorme switching stances mid-fight is a red-flag and minus for me. even though he did so somewhat successfully. anyway, if “destroy” is too strong a term, perhaps “Abregu Disposes of Dulorme” is more appropriate.

Posted October 28, 2012 1:06 pm 

te tumbo

SRMINIMO, IMO the lack of a chin to deal with upper-echelon power Is what was exposed by Dulorme’s performance last night. he also displayed an uncanny Williams-like ability to be stung and stunned by the same punch all-fight-long(?!). anyway, no gym, trainer, or diet is gonna grow him a sturdy chin and without one-punch KO power to intimidate his strongest opponents, Dulorme is already a flawed contender.

Posted October 28, 2012 12:57 pm 


The Vazquez and Mayfield fights were really boring. I’ll remember their names, but not in a good way.
It was irritating to watch.
The first couple rounds of Abregu/Dulorme looked like it would be more of the same.
Too bad, I only watched the first couple rounds and turned off the TV.
So there must have been at least a few seconds of action on HBO last night?

Posted October 28, 2012 12:45 pm 


he didnt get destroyed. i dont like bonilla as a trainer, he is good but all his fighters lose because it seems they dont know how to react when they get hurt. Dulorme wasnt ready for someone at this level.

Posted October 28, 2012 12:25 pm 


Tough to say wether the kid got caught and could never really recover or he just does not have the chin to deal at the upper echelon, but it looked like Dulorme was concussed after the first one and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has no memory of what happened after that. Once again a bit of bad matchmaking from Shaw. Even Matysse commented after the fight that the kid was too green. You just don’t throw a kid that has pretty much 16 easy fights against a guy 32-1 that throws weird punches, can take a shot, can bang and is fresh and hungry. Great job by Matysse and great job by Dulorme’s corner in stopping that fight.

Posted October 28, 2012 11:47 am 


TARK, what are you talking about the headline is wrong? He stopped him. He hurt him bad in the third round and dropped him. Then hurt him badly again in the 7th round. Even though he got up, his corner came in to stop the fight. Since when does a corner come in to stop the fight unless the fighter is getting destroyed? Come on man…

Posted October 28, 2012 8:30 am 


Juan ma syndrome!! Lmao..baeeeeeewwwwweeeeee…he was Overhyped and overrated !! Sucka got exposed!!

Posted October 28, 2012 2:08 am 


too soon for dulorme,,he will be back

Posted October 28, 2012 2:00 am 

Gonzo the Dragonborn

Goo win for Abregu though. I have a bit of a soft spot for Argentine fighters. Shame most of their top talent is lost to their national sport of football because if that wasn’t the case I think they’d definitely be one of the major players in world boxing.

Posted October 28, 2012 1:56 am 

Gonzo the Dragonborn

Lol @ the HBO commentary team saying Abregu wasn’t a puncher. Sometimes I wonder if they even bother to do any homework about non American fighters. You only have to watch some of his KO highlight reels to know he was a banger.

Posted October 28, 2012 1:52 am 


The headline is wrong… Abregu didn’t destroy Dulorme, it was an even fight—but it was a great stoppage win for Abregu… Dulorme has a very solid stance, good movement, and good weapons, so those aren’t his problems… Duorme has the Amir Khan problem—good offense and no defense. He doesn’t block or slip punches well, has very poor head movement, and no clinching skills. This can only be remedied by many months of massively detailed work with a trainer who’s extremely knowledgeable in defensive skills and clinching … Khan faces the same workload.

Posted October 28, 2012 1:45 am 

The Mad Scientist

Yes, this kid Dulorme was suppose to be the next up and coming PR superstar..that’s what happens when you throw these youngsters in deep water to soon, they either sink or swim..for the sake of Dulorme and his fans hopefully they threw this kid a lifesaver and its not to late, we shall see..

Posted October 28, 2012 1:37 am 

Gonzo the Dragonborn

Grrrrr.. Stupid website. Where’s my comment?

Posted October 28, 2012 1:27 am 


Anonymous: Don’t bask in others defeats for no reason but to be an idiot.

Posted October 28, 2012 1:10 am 


What happened to the second coming of Felix Trinidad?

Posted October 28, 2012 1:03 am 


He didn’t destroy Dulorme… he was being outboxed, and lost every round besides the two he got the KD’s in… and the corner threw in the towel. He didn’t handle Abregu’s power too well. He’s very young, only 22… it was a big step up very soon. Abregu only ever lost to Timothy Bradley and he stops about everyone else. Props to Dulorme… he can bounce back…

Posted October 28, 2012 1:02 am 


Dulorme was ice cold on throwing all he had to do after the knockdown was to jab push him back to ropes and a few body shots but i guess he has juanma syndrome.

Posted October 28, 2012 12:59 am 

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