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Boxing passion

Wtf public enemy sorry bubba but hes probably just gonna keep doint it to ricans after the beating he got from mares i think hes had enough, on the other hand he showed alot in this fight i mean he litterly raped this young puerto rican he just gave him an old fashion beatdown but not as bad as santa cruz did yo morel making him run to his corner pleading them to stop the fight lol

Posted October 3, 2012 12:33 am 

philly shell

He’s unorthodox and comes off like an ass sometimes in interviews, but Vic’s one of the most exciting fighters of the last 10 years or so… ALWAYS looking for the KO… I wish more guys fought like him.

Posted October 2, 2012 8:43 pm 


rca – agree, Vic is not a boring fighter and he has plenty of power but he does fight very rough and can also be very dirty.. just like Bernard Slopkins… but he did pull out the win.. now he can go on and kick some Mexican Boootttayyyy…

Posted October 2, 2012 2:39 pm 


Well, a win is still a win, wobbly legs or not. Let’s give Vic credit – he is not a boring fighter.

Posted October 2, 2012 2:05 pm 


rca – you do realize VIC got put on Shaky Noodle legs by this Green kid right???

Posted October 2, 2012 1:39 pm 


Vic is in a resurging mode – just stay away from Nonito!

Posted October 2, 2012 12:51 pm 


he aint called the raging bull for nothing.

Posted October 2, 2012 11:15 am 


Roy Jones clearly said DelvAlle should’ve hit Vic Back just as dirty to get some respect.. even mentioned Low Blows because Vics Dirty style was so blatent agains a green kid… Shameful.. but he won. so it doesn’t matter right?? Just like our Resident Morons who feel that its OK for MargaCheato to stuff his Gloves with Bricks as long as he won???

Posted October 2, 2012 7:18 am 


Hidalgo – Roy Jones and all the other Commentators saw Vic Fighting Dirty.. they called him a Mini Bernard Hopkins.. ??? They mentioned Vic using his Head all night long.. That Head But on Delvalle’s chin causing that Cut was enough to stop the fight but DelValle never complained and never quit like some others out there have… Everyone knows Vic fights Dirty just like Everyone knows Bernard Hopkins fights dirty and Mexicans Cheat… it’s just a fact… Vic is strong and has an effective awkward style but he is what he is.. a dirty fighter.. I’m not making this up go watch the fight again and listen to the Commentators point out Vics use of his Head, forearms, holding and shoving..

Posted October 2, 2012 7:16 am 

Boxing passion

Wtf or public enemy whatever u wanna call urself stop crying dont be a sore loser 3 puerto ricans got owned fair and square take it in delvalle got wooped and manhandled by vics punches all night whats a cut to the chin have to do lol stop yanking chains take it in

Posted October 1, 2012 11:45 pm 


I saw Vic bullying DeValle. I didn’t see him fight dirty. There’s a difference in using his head and headbutting. Vic’s a master brawler. Anyone who gets in the ring with him ought to know that he holds no punches and that he always plans to slaughter his opponent. Being “green” was not the youngster’s problem. Vic Darchinyan was.

Posted October 1, 2012 8:54 pm 

From Detroit

I have to give props to that kid for hanging in there but, he was very green, that right hand of hiss needs lots of work. A few 10 rounders before someone like Vic would of helped. And whats with Kellerman calling for a stoppage? Damn, let the kid fight.

Posted October 1, 2012 6:16 pm 


Match Vic with whatever 122 pound titlist they can get and give him one more try at a belt. He’s still dangerous and I wouldn’t mind him in a rematch with Donaire. Always enjoyed watching him brutalize guys and his win over Del Valle was a nice throwback to the old days (minus the KO, which doesn’t seem to come easy anymore now that Vic has moved up a few divisions).

Posted October 1, 2012 5:01 pm 


I agree Gazante, Vic comes to fight and I like watching him because he gives 100%. Sure he fights wild and crazy, but he is there to fight, not box or run or counter punch, fight.

Posted October 1, 2012 4:03 pm 


Darchinyan is delusional if he thinks that he has more of a great future ahead of him. Props to him if he proves me wrong, but I think that Mr. Shaw is also responsible for this delusional belief.

Posted October 1, 2012 3:04 pm 


Roy Jones actually said DelValle should start hitting Darchinian back just as dirty as Darchinian was… Darchinian is strong and an awkward Boxer but you have to give props to the kid who didn’t quit or go down from some very hard Darchinian shots and numerous Headbutt, forearms etc etc etc…

Posted October 1, 2012 1:35 pm 


Darchinian also fought incredibly dirty.. using his head all night long. Causing a major cut under the chin of the young fighter.. even the Commentators were talking about how Dirty Darchinian was fighting.. compared him to a small version of Bernard Hopkins.. Credit has to be given to young Delvalle who never quit and actually put Darchinian on shaky legs in the 11th Round… No quit in the young kid and he will learn from this and grow as a fighter.. Unlike The Rash of PrimaDonnas like Canelo and Chavez Jr who have yet really faced a top contendar at their prime that was actually a threat….

Posted October 1, 2012 1:33 pm 


Vic is certainly entertaining to watch BUT was this a resurrected Vic or an overhyped opponent?

Posted October 1, 2012 12:27 pm 


What fight was the judge who scored the fight 96 to 94 for Darchinian when the 2 other judges and Ledderman scored the fight 99 to 91 and the commentators though the fight should be stopped because Del Valle was taking too many punches.

Posted October 1, 2012 11:34 am 


I always like watching Vic, win or loose the guy comes to fight, defo he is credit to boxing

Posted October 1, 2012 10:37 am 

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